Wizdog potty training – Shih Tzu puppy

Cooper, 7-week old Shih Tzu, pooping on Wizdog indoor dog potty. He was potty trained using Wizdog in less than 5 days. Woohoo! :D.
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23 thoughts on “Wizdog potty training – Shih Tzu puppy

  1. If puppy training pads are used with the Wizdog, then all you have to do is remove and replace with a new training pad. As for the white grate, you can simply hose it off with a garden hose in the backyard or soak in the bathtub for 10 minutes.

  2. me too..i try n try to take them but still they refused to potty on de pads..:(

  3. my shih tzu puppies wont go to potty pads for pee n poo..i try n try to move them but they still wont go there..what should i do??they love to pee n poo where ever they like..im tired cleaning their mess though..anyone can help me?pleaseeeee..hukhuk..:(

  4. How do you train them to only go potty when you take them on a walk? And to wait until those walks to relieve themselves of anything?

  5. man your dog has to go potty bad

  6. use a crate to train them. keep in them the crate over night and in the morning put them on the pad, you need to do this religiously it will work…
    make sure the crate is big enough for them but no to big that they will go in the crate.

  7. Lol, that’s not one of Coopers “fun clips” obviously. He’s a cutie pie tho :)

  8. to train your dog to go to a certain area, you have to constantly bring it there and when it goes in the right spot reward your dog with a small treat and lots of praise. Some people take the dog to the certain area ten minutes after he or she eats or every hour or so, until your dog learns. Goodluck! Be consistent and persistent! Positive reinforcement (:

  9. you should keep a pet Bakri, lolol.
    besides arn’t you not allowed to keep dog’s ?

  10. Ok if theres three ppl trying make a dog go out side does he get confused if we all say different way to tell like i say go pee my sister say go pee pee and poopy and her bf say go shit would that confused him??

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