X-Man 4 month old german shepherd puppy Training tip

Teaching X-man with positive reinforcement (food) to work, come sit. Using the thing your pup loves the most: food, toy and/or praise for early discipline.
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11 thoughts on “X-Man 4 month old german shepherd puppy Training tip

  1. i got a 4mounth gsd aswell but is nowhere near as obedient as your she listens well but does not come back when called any tips?

  2. , it is very important to work with the pups as early as you get them. if he like food (like xman) or a toy. You call him when he comes and sits he get a reward. if you do it everyday for a short sessions then it gets easy to progress to a higer level. training should be fun for the first months of a pup life because when the demands become higher then he would want to do it and resist less.
    HopeI helped.

  3. I have a 8 month old Gsd dog and i trained him to sit,down,heel,and speak any idea how to teach him to attack somebody if they break into my house or anything?

  4. This is a high level training that should be left only to professionals.
    Having said that your dog either has or not. Most dogs have an attachment to where ever “home” is and will bark and make lots of fuss when someone comes, this would be a good enough deterrent ; Aggressive behaviour should not be encouraged unless you incorporated method of control – professionals
    And as always, socialization is imperative for sound mind

  5. i have a 4 month german shepherd dog to but mine is not bigger like yours, is that normal or i should do smth?

  6. I have a 4 month old German shepherd as well. We have been working on the basic commands (sit, come, stay, down), and she performs very well when the reward is obvious (i have to have the treat in my hand in order to get her attention). For some reason the only command she’ll listen to is “sit” if i don’t have a treat out. Any suggestions to get her to be less dependent on the treats?

  7. Eventually you’ll have to put on a leash and reinforce the training with you voice and physical praise. Treats are good in the beginning for establish positive relationship and trust, you’ll either have to take a class or a good DVD on how to train for basic obedience with voice command and a leash and little treats for when he does very well and listens.

  8. |Becareful what you wish for! I have an attack trained German shepherd, but ‘with great power comes responsibility’! Its like carrying a loaded gun with a trigger that can mis-fire. It can be a liability. But if you must have one get involved in the local Shutzhund clubs. It imperitive that obedience is 100% first , so you can control the mouth of your dog.

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