Yuki the Corgi Puppy Training Session / コーギーの練習 (Corgi – 12 weeks)

My cute corgi puppy Yuki and the hand shake trick! He just kept looking at me cutely with his cute little paw on my hand! http://www.facebook.com/itazurayuki.

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7 thoughts on “Yuki the Corgi Puppy Training Session / コーギーの練習 (Corgi – 12 weeks)

  1. I got him when he was 10 weeks old. So I pretty much trained him from there. In this video he is 12 weeks old. Corgi’s are pretty smart and easy to train =)
    And I believe the treats I used when he was a pup was Wellness Wellbites soft chews. I could easily break them into small pcs to give to him so he wouldn’t eat too much.

  2. The clicker is a consistent sound for a dog to know the minute he hears a click he get’s a treat! It’s faster response time then using your voice. Especially since your voice isn’t as consistent as the clicker =)

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