Secrets to dog training – Labrador training and puppy barking – Dog Training videos, Dog Training

Get access to Secrets to dog training – You won’t believe how quickly and easily you will solve your dog’s behavior problem… Part 1 of 5 covering how to train your dog in basic obedience.

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Retriever Training – My Labrador Retriever puppy is now 6 months old! Just thought I’d give you all an update on my now 6 month old Black Labrador Retriever puppy “Kohl”. They sure grow fast! It has b…
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Puppy Training Video - Crate Training a Puppy (Episode 6)

How crate training can help reduce separation anxiety. More on

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Clicker Training A Labrador Puppy

Training our newly acquired puppy called Bess using the clicker system. Then letting her play with our old American Cocker Spaniel called Nooska. Filmed in M…

In order to stop a puppy from biting, it helps to bait them into mouthing before giving them a little tap on their chin, which they do not like. Discover how…
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Ted (Labrador Retriever) Puppy Camp Dog Training

Ted (Labrador Retriever) completed the Neuman K-9 Academy puppy boot camp. This program covered obedience commands to sit, stay, down, heel, come when called…
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Zero – Shiba inu basics training! I forgot to do Kiss and Lick but nex time!! He is 12 weeks old XD.

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