Dog Breeds : How to Select a Chinese Shar-Pei

When selecting a Chinese shar-pei, consider the dog’s original responsibility, which was to be a guard dog, and find a reputable breeder who breeds in low qu…
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Watch It’s Me or the Dog Saturdays @ 8pm! | For more, visit | Casper is a giant bully breed dog a…
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Dog Breeds : How to Select an American Pit Bull Terrier

Selecting an American pit bull terrier, also known as the American Staffordshire terrier, requires considering their athletic build and personality and their…
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An Informational video on Pemroke Welsh Corgi’s. Check out the Dog Breed Information Channel (my channel) for more Information on different dog breeds.

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Dog Breeds : How to Select a Miniature Schnauzer

Selecting a miniature schnauzer involves considering the amount of grooming necessary for everyday upkeep, their guard-dog personality, which could result in…

Dog Breeds-Dalmatian

An informational video on Dalmatians. Check out the Dog Information Channel for more information on dog breeds. (my channel)

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